Graduate Success Stories: Michele Peters

2017, Masters in Health Care Administration Graduate

Michelle Peters in cap and gown holding diploma

Michele Peters works as the director of analytics for a health insurance company in Indiana.

“I am responsible for what's called ‘encounters’ for a Medicaid contract in the state of Florida now, but we're expanding to other states as well. I’m responsible for ensuring that all the reports are completed and submitted correctly to the state and that the claims data that we adjudicate in our system is then transferred electronically, correctly, and accurately to the state for reporting purposes.”

Michele earned a bachelor’s degree in business analysis from Indiana University. She decided in 2015 to enroll at Kaplan University to pursue a master’s degree.

“I was a single mom at the time, and my children encouraged me to return to school. I was going to actually wait until they graduated college to go back, and they just encouraged me to pursue my master’s degree. I'm very appreciative for that.”

While attending Kaplan University, Michele remarried. “Now I have a blended family of nine children.”

Between work and family, she didn’t have a lot of free time while going to school.

“Right after work, and probably right before dinner, I’d start a project. Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons were my best times actually. I had a really good friend who gave me some great advice: if I was going to pursue my master’s, I had to cut out TV. I cut out television as much as I could, and made that my treat after completing an assignment.”

Michele earned her master’s degree in health care administration from Kaplan University in 2017.

“It really helped me because I needed to focus on health care administration—that aspect of health care. I’ve always focused more on the IT side of the house, business analysis. I wanted to expand that focus and broaden my horizon and capitalize on the knowledge I could gain from going to Kaplan University.”

Reflecting back on her time at Kaplan University, Michele appreciated the convenience of pursuing her degree online.

“I loved the flexibility. I could work my normal job, be a wife, and be a mom to my kids, and at the same time incorporate when I had blocks of time available to work on my degree. It worked out for my life.

“The assignments are very specific. You can just dive into topics that are of interest to you. I felt like I was actually giving something to myself, doing something for myself as opposed to everyone else in my family, which I love, but I felt like I was doing something for me, which I don’t always do.”