Graduate Success Stories: Christopher Weeks-Barnitt

2014, Bachelor of Science in International and Comparative Criminal Justice 2016, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Auditing and Forensic Accountancy Concentration

When Christopher Weeks-Barnitt first enrolled in Kaplan University in 2012, he only expected to earn a bachelor’s degree, but he ended up achieving much more.

“I was just looking to get a 4-year degree. I didn't even know at the time what it was going to be. Searching different degrees, I decided to go with criminal justice, and in my search I knew I wanted it to be online, because I don't do well with brick-and-mortar [schools]. Kaplan University was rated one of the best criminal justice schools and was all online, so I based my decision on that.” 

Christopher credits his success at Kaplan University to being able to study completely online. 

“The most valuable part of Kaplan University was the online platform. Being able to do it at my own pace, being self-motivated isn't an issue for me. …You get to schedule and pick [the seminars], so it was based around your personal schedule. The flexibility of it was probably the most impactful for being able to actually complete it. I don’t think I would have completed the degrees had it not been for the platform Kaplan University uses,” he said.

In 2014, Christopher earned his bachelor’s degree in international and comparative criminal justice. 

“I not only obtained my degree, but found a passion and love for criminal justice and law enforcement,” he admits. 

The internship within his degree plan also led him to the job that he has now. 

“Being enrolled in my first degree allowed me to start an internship with the Department of Veterans Affairs. After obtaining my degree, I was able to transfer as a permanent employee with the organization,” Christopher said. 

His newfound passion for criminal justice and new career motivated him to return to Kaplan University to study accounting in hopes of working in federal law enforcement. 

Christopher not only started studying at Kaplan University again, but enrolled in the military, and serves in the Indiana Army Guard. 

“Once I went military, I loved Kaplan University even more because it’s a very friendly military school.” 

Christopher benefited from the experience of Kaplan University’s professors, who combined the academia with real-life experiences. From his perspective, “I think it takes the education just one step farther. Understanding what the field really is from the perspective of the professors who were in it really gave me a perspective on that’s what I wanted to do. When I first started the criminal justice degree, it was just to get a 4-year degree. The passion I found for criminal justice in the process set me on the path of wanting to get into that field. So it’s definitely impacted me and where I want to go and the goals I’ve set for myself.”

Christopher graduated from Kaplan University in March 2016 with his second degree, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a concentration in auditing and forensic accountancy. 

“I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs under the veterans health administration side. I work at one of the Community-Based Outpatient Clinics. I received a promotion to program assistant working back with administration. My degree definitely helped get me that promotion,” he said.